In September earlier this year, The Hashmask community had a derivatives competition, during which we got enormous interest from artists looking to create their own Hashmask derivatives. The entries were all great, and we ended up giving away a Hashmask, and over 2500 USDC in prizes.

We also had interest…

Hashmasks Community Update

The Hashmasks came on the scene January 27th, 2021 with an industry shaping collectibles drop that re-ignited the concept of generative collectibles not seen since the legendary CryptoPunks came to market in 2017. There are currently over 4,600 unique Hashmasks owners and $66M in secondary sales to…

Some more information on the Hashmask team’s early thoughts on Digital Prints.

The Hashmasks team recently proposed an idea for a limited edition “digital prints” for all Hashmask owners but did not give any specifics. Limited edition prints are common practice (e.g. link, link) in the traditional art world and we think they could be interesting within the context of digital art.

One of the frequently asked questions from the more-technically versed members of our community is: What happens to Hashmasks images if suddenly our company disappears?

Before delving into this question, we would like to announce that the metadata of the IPFS URLs and explicit traits of all 16,384 masks is…

As part of the second round of the Hashmasks Tribe Competition, the eight remaining tribes were tasked with writing a story about their representive Hashmask. Below are the last four submissions. You can read the other four stories here.

Voyager of Time (Voyager Aliens)

Berlin (Church of DOT)

Hansen Wang (MaskDAO)

Possessed (Shadow Monkeys Cabal)

Announcing the next round of grants and the latest community update.

It’s been four exciting weeks in the NFT space since the launch of Hashmasks. Our passionate community has not stopped building during that time frame! Every day, we are blown away by the amount of engagement and love everyone has for Hashmasks. …

Announcing the details of the Hashmasks Tribe Competition

We’re delighted to announce the first Hashmasks Tribe competition. These details were previously shared on our Discord channel.

Qualifying tribes:

  • Tribe must have at least 5 active members
  • Tribe must be based on the Hashmasks characters and features
  • Tribe must be operating in their own discord server and listed in #directories
  • Inclusion…

This bug was not exploited and no longer can be. No funds or Hashies are at risk, nor is the integrity of the Hashmask system compromised.

Executive Summary

  • During late stages of the Hashmasks sale, samczsun reported a potential bug in our Masks.sol smart contract, specifically in the mintNFT function
  • This bug was not exploited and no longer can be. No funds or Hashies are at risk, nor is the integrity of the Hashmask system compromised
  • This exploit…

The story behind the creation of Hashmasks.

Stage 0 — Pre-Hashmasks

Almost every person has an idea for a business at some point, and Hashmasks was not our first. We have been working together for over two years on various business ideas since we first met as colleagues. The transition from inception to working on it for 20 hours already shakes…


Pushing the limits of fine art collectible.

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