Hashmask Derivatives Collection

2 min readNov 14, 2021

In September earlier this year, The Hashmask community had a derivatives competition, during which we got enormous interest from artists looking to create their own Hashmask derivatives. The entries were all great, and we ended up giving away a Hashmask, and over 2500 USDC in prizes.

We also had interest from the community to turn the derivatives into a collection. We had been talking to Coinbase and we had received information that they are launching an NFT platform sometime in the future. Artists would surely want to get listed on Coinbase, but Coinbase would only have a limited number of spots available for featured artists. Then we had an idea.

What if we released the Hashmask bodies as assets that artists could draw on, and we could create a collection of Hashmask derivatives where each derivative is a 1/1 from a different artist. We decided then that Hashmasks could become a launch partner for the Coinbase NFT platform.

Today, we are finally opening this initiative up. Any artist may submit a Hashmask derivative to this collection. The Hashmask team will then curate the submissions and we will end up with a collection. Each artist may submit up to three different derivatives to the collection.

All the revenue from the Collection will flow back to the artists. Artists have until January 31st to submit a Hashmask derivative.

How to participate

The Hashmask bodies can be found in .png format in the google drive below:


To participate, you may take a body and create a derivative out of it.

You may create as many entries as you like, but only a maximum of 3 entries will be picked.

Once you finish a piece and want to submit it, there are two things you need to do:

  1. Post the art in the #derivative-art channel in our discord
  2. Tweet the art and tag @TheHashmasks in the tweet, use #HashmaskDerivatives

Featured Artists

Once you have submitted a piece, we may decide to feature you on our twitter and give you a proper shoutout so that you get some better exposure to our collectors.


Collecta reserves the rights to dismiss any vulgar or inappropriate art from the collection