The Next Batch of Grants and a Community Update

Announcing the next round of grants and the latest community update.

3 min readMar 1, 2021

It’s been four exciting weeks in the NFT space since the launch of Hashmasks. Our passionate community has not stopped building during that time frame! Every day, we are blown away by the amount of engagement and love everyone has for Hashmasks. Today, we are announcing the next batch of community grants and giving an overview of what our community has been up to.

If your grant is not listed here and you haven’t received an email from us, your grant is still up for review by the team. If you are interested in the Hashmask community grant program, you can read more about it at:

Retrospective Grants

  • Hashfilters by Dementor ($2,000 USDC)
  • The Hash Dash by Pat Doyle ($7,500 USDC)


  • MaskDAO by bustos.eth ($7,500 USDC)
  • AR Filters by Michael Nicoll ($7,500 USDC)

Hashfilters by Dementor

Hashfilters by Dementor are Instagram AR filters that allow you to wear a Hashmask in Augmented Reality! Dementor was the first one to make these, and the community loved them (we did too!). You can find Hashfilters by searching @hashfilters on Instagram.

The Hash Dash by Pat Doyle

The Hash Dash is a comprehensive Hashmask Analytics tool built to allow investors, collectors, traders, and Hashmask Enthusiasts to track the value of specific traits over time. By analysing the sales of Hashmasks on OpenSea, users can begin to understand how the market is pricing the combination of different traits. The Hash Dash also allows users to explore wallets that have been actively buying and selling large Name Change Token Holders and investigate which Hashmasks are currently in the NFTX Index.

For example, below, we can see how a simple Pixel Mask has been trending over time and the percentage of trading traits.

MaskDAO by bustos.eth

If you’re part of the HM community, you might have heard of MaskDAO. It is a community-led Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) built off the community of Hashmask NFT holders. Together the DAO will innovate within the NFT ecosystem by building an artist-focused marketplace, as well as curating new NFT releases and new tools proposed by its community members and curators. With over 300 discord members and dozens of active contributors, we are excited to see how MaskDAO will grow alongside Hashmasks.

AR Filters by Michael Nicoll

Michael Nicoll is the founder and creative director of Blnk Social who has done previous work for artists like G-Eazy, Billie Eilish, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Migos, Dababy & 150+ more. Michael reached out to us with an idea for Hashmasks, and we are giving him complete creative freedom to work on it. You can check out what kind of work Mike has in store for Hashmasks at