The Curious Tale of Mansa and Jim

“The Twins”

2 min readFeb 4, 2021
Mansa and Jim.

Today marks an important day in the history of the Hashmasks. Community member “trent e” has identified the only existing twins in the Hashmask Art collectible. Here is the full story.

Mansa Musa (#9934) and Jim Carrey (#3550) are almost 100% identical. Due to a human error, the image of #3550 replaced the original image of #9934. The correct explicit traits of the original #9934 are still displayed ( However, if you check in the provenance page, the hashes of #9934 and #3550 are, however, not identical. This is due to the fact that image #3550 was saved with a different level of image compression. #9934 has a file size of 3.4 MB. #3550 has a file size of 2.7 MB. Hence, the hashes created differ from one another.

SHA256 Hash #9934 (Index: #3691): e4d2ba7469044b53051b02b93995f82ec7e6620878aa7c64b30cfdccb2532448

SHA266 Hash #3550 (Index: #13691): 7d14ad6b59d9b5ce1f0dffa6cbbc7cabf40c4d8307a4a78b6acd0a8366bab88d

The only real differentiators of these two Robot gentlemen are:

  • the name
  • the index numbers and Hashmask numbers
  • the data size of the image file

The provenance is immutable and always true. The hashes of each picture correspond to the displayed images that are identical except the image sizes.

The Solution

This quirk is now part of Hashmask Art History and has been discovered by the community. User “trent e” receives a USDC 12,500 reward for finding the bug. These are the only two identical Hashmasks in the entire collection, and we embrace them. Who knows, maybe the twins will someday be reunited in the same account.

The team will adjust the frontend to reflect the correct trait characteristics of Mansa Musa. We would like to celebrate this quirk.

Finally, we kindly ask you to join us in a very warm welcome for the first and only identical twins:

Mansa and Jim.