Hashmasks Community Grant Program

To celebrate Hashmasks officially hitting over 10,000 ETH in total secondary market volume and our Discord community reaching over 5,000 members, we’re delighted to announce the Hashmasks Community Grant program.

How Does It Work

Anyone can submit a short proposal which shares information about their project, which aims to add value to the Hashmasks community or build upon the art to grants@thehashmasks.com. We will aim to get back to all serious proposals as soon as possible.


  • A Hashmasks-based game which uses the existing explicit and implicit traits to allow users to compete against each other
  • Hashmask-inspired Instagram and Snapchat filters
  • New art (written, musical, and visual) that builds upon the existing Hashmasks lore in exciting ways
  • Proposals for ways to closer connect Hashmasks with existing Metaverse art and art institutions
  • Proposals for ways to closer connect Hashmasks with existing physical art and art institutions


There is no deadline for submitting grants, but we will prioritise proposals by the order by which they were submitted. Grantees can reapply for further grants at a later date given that they can demonstrate the added work they are doing.

Retrospective Grants

  • The Hashnames Project by philipplgh ($7,500 USDC)
  • Maskswap by 0xmons ($7,500 USDC)
  • Hashmasks Twitter Bot by cryptoed ($750 USDC)
  • Hashmask Names Sheet by tsnark ($1,000 USDC)
  • Hashmask Data Sheet by knivdanne ($1,000 USDC)
  • Hashmask Print Shop by Nifticals ($1,000 USDC)
  • Hashmask Discord Sales Bot by RealMahmoud ($750 USDC)
  • New Hashmask Logo by bruce.codes ($750 USDC)


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