Digital Prints

Some more information on the Hashmask team’s early thoughts on Digital Prints.

3 min readApr 9, 2021

The Hashmasks team recently proposed an idea for a limited edition “digital prints” for all Hashmask owners but did not give any specifics. Limited edition prints are common practice (e.g. link, link) in the traditional art world and we think they could be interesting within the context of digital art.

The goal of the Hashmasks team is to have a foot in both the collectible and art worlds due to the natural beauty, rarity measures, and uniqueness of each Hashmask. The further growth and exposure of the Hashmasks brand and artwork help community engagement and network effect. We believe the concept of digital prints could potentially be instrumental in this. This feature will effectively enable a Hashmask owner to run their own engagement campaigns and promotions — giving them a lot more control over the success of their own art. We’ve heard a range of ideas associated with official digital prints already, with ideas of them being used as gifts or a way to collect sets of prints.

As a result, we have been brainstorming ideas around this concept. It’s important to note that this is still in the proposal stage and we are just exploring ideas around the concept. We have not decided whether it would be an official product or an unofficial application utilizing Hashmasks as the base layer. If it were the latter, then anyone could do so due to the open nature of the contracts and the commercial rights held by the Hashmask owners. Below is an explanation of the current idea we have for the digital print concept thus far.

The feature will enable the current Hashmask owner the ability to turn on or off the issuance of official digital prints for up to 100 digital prints per Hashmask which will be priced on a bonding curve. The specifics of the bonding curve are still being conceptualized and we will be getting input from a previously successful project that has already used a similar mechanism.

All digital prints will have a naming capability that requires NCT (the Name Changing Token) but will not produce any additional NCT. NCT supply and mechanics will remain unchanged. The Hashmasks team will receive nothing from the initial sale or resale of digital prints. The current Hashmask owner will receive 100% of all issuance sales and 10% of all resale of digital prints for a given mask. Visibly the digital prints will be denoted as “prints” with a serial number (e.g. #1) and have supporting metadata for accurate display on NFT marketplaces.